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    Australian Alpaca Blanket Light Beige tones

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    The Australian alpaca throw blanket is very soft and keeps you warm during cold nights, and light enough to travel with you anywhere you go. Our soft alpaca blanket comes in two different Light Beige with Light Blue Melange tones to suit your needs whether you are laying on your couch, having a rest on your bed, or enjoying a picnic in the park.  Jacquard Pattern, soft and Never itchy. It is designed and made in Adelaide this soft alpaca wool throw blanket to be itch-less and cozy so you can bring the comfort of home wherever you go.  Enjoy yourself the warmness of our alpaca wool blanket when watching TV or when taking a nap in the afternoon. Perfect Gift for any adult or young. The luxurious feel and comfortable weight are added bonuses to the warmth and insulation.        Proudly Made in Australia AMAG Certified Super warm, Blanket is very perfect for travel A very durable and easy to handle Luxurious blankets light weigh  Can be used as a mediation blanket Size 160 cm Width X 200 cm Long Extra Superfine Alpaca Wool100% 
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