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"Meeting Friends" by The School of Life (UK) 1
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    Bluey Boronia

    "Meeting Friends" by The School of Life (UK)

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    Get to know your friends in a whole new way thanks to the School of Life's insightful Meeting Friends card set.The 52 cards in this set are broken into four categories: Warming Up, Big Serious Things, Emotional Things and Tender Things. Each card features a prompt suited to its category, designed to help you and your friends open up about everything from the things that scare you to the thing you'd do if you knew you couldn't fail to the stuff we wish we could say to our nearest and dearest.Skipping over the small talk, Meeting Friends is a beautiful and emotionally intimate way to get reacquainted with the people you already know. QUANTITY: 1 x card set SIZE: 91 x 67 x 20mm FEATURES: 52 cards SOURCE: Designed in the UK  
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    Bluey Boronia
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