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    Escape Hunt Adelaide

    Play at Home Escape Game: The Murder on Christmas Eve

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    Players: 2-6 Duration: 1 hour Age: 8+ Print & Play Game Can you interview the suspects and crack the case in time for Christmas Day? It’s Christmas Eve on the snowy cobbled streets of Victorian London, Suddenly, a scream deep within one of the tenement houses! A body is found and the police whistle is blown. But with all windows and doors locked, the murderer must still be there… Head online and join the Bobby Peelers. In this digital and printed play at home adventure, you'll meet Sir Robert Peel who will set you on your case to solve the festive crime. But hurry… It's Christmas Eve and if you don't find the murderer in time, you won't make it home in time to spend Christmas Day with your loved ones! What you need Printer Laptop or computer (NOTE: hint system does not work on tablets / phones) Internet connection Scissors How to play Download and print your case file - don't forget to save your download. Assemble your team (either at home or via video chat). Prepare your case file by printing it out, and then head online using the details provided in your pack to start your investigations. Examine and solve the evidence to solve the murder. Need some clues? You’ll gain access to a top-secret page where you can telegram for further guidance.
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    Escape Hunt Adelaide
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