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"Progress Unfurled" single Greeting Card (A6)  1
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    Bluey Boronia

    "Progress Unfurled" single Greeting Card (A6)

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    "Pride Unfurled" greeting card (A6 10.5 x 14.8 cm) 18 common LGBTQIA+ sexual and gender identities as represented by pride flags. designed in Adelaide printed in Melbourne This "unnamed” version is ideal for display and discussion. Product features: White envelope included. Top row: (left) “Rainbow” Original by Gilbert Baker 1978 (middle) “Traditional” 6 stripe_version by Gilbert Baker 1979 (right) “Transgender” by Monica Helms 1999; Second row: (left) “Bisexual” by Micheal Page 1998 (middle) “Progress” pride by Daniel Quasar 2018 (right) “Philadelphia” by Amber Hikes 2017: Third row: (left) “Pansexual” by Jasper.V 2010 (middle) “Intersex” by Morgan Carpenter (I.H.R.A) 2013 (right) “Non-Binary” by Kye Rowan 2014; Fourth row: “Asexual” by A.V.E.N member Standup 2010 (middle) “Genderqueer” by Marilyn Roxie 2011 (right) “Genderfluid” by J.J Poole 2012: Fifth row: (left) “Aromantic” by Cameron Whimsy 2014 (middle) “Lesbian” by Emily Gwen 2019 (right) “Polyamory” by Jim Evans 1995; Botton row: (left) “Agender” by SalemX/Ska 2014 (middle) “Intersex Inclusive” by Valentino Vecchietti 2021 (right) “Gay men) by @flagblog 2019
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    Bluey Boronia
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    made in south australia




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