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"Rainbow Manifesto" Poster - Limited Edition (18x24) by Holstee 1
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    Bluey Boronia

    "Rainbow Manifesto" Poster - Limited Edition (18x24) by Holstee

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    The words of the Manifesto you know and love are now available as a limited edition, rainbow colored Letterpress Poster. A meaningful collaboration. This limited edition Rainbow Manifesto is created in collaboration with familyequality.org. 10% of the sales from this limited print fuels Family Equality’s fight to protect and support LGBTQ+ families. How it all started, and what continues to inspire us today. Originally written to celebrate aspects of life they truly valued, Holstee’s founders never imagined how far and wide this message would reach. Display these words of inspiration as a daily reminder to live your dream. The print comes rolled-up in a tube for convenient postage and handling
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    Bluey Boronia
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