kennedy parker shoes the missing piece to the puzzle


kennedy parker shoes the missing piece to the puzzle

Kennedy Parker shoes the missing piece to the puzzle

A good pair of shoes are the missing piece of a puzzle when it comes to flawlessly tying a man’s outfit together, Kennedy Parker Founder and Director Jayne-Anne Power says. 

Ms Power created the men’s shoe brand as a side hustle before moving into a bricks and mortar shop at Gay's Arcade in November 2022 as part of her ambition to bring locally designed kicks to the city. 

“I started the brand because I felt there was a customer who was looking for high quality shoes that can be used for dress or casual, are a comfortable fit and a reasonable price point,” Ms Power says. 

“Also, selfishly, I have a passion for well-made shoes and the shoemaking process. 

“I find it all completely fascinating and it’s genuinely a dream come true to be able to spend my days completely absorbed in it all.” 

Ms Power, who previously worked in managerial roles across Rossi Boots, International Fashion Labels and The Wolf Gang, used her connections in footwear industry to source the best factories and tanneries across the world to establish the Kennedy Parker brand. 

She uses top-quality hides imported from Europe and uses tanneries in India to create her collection of shoes that promise to be “equal parts comfort, quality and style”. 

Ms Power signed up to byADL.com.au —Australia’s first city-wide digital marketplace — as another platform to sell her wares. 

More than 60 traders have already signed up to the online platform that allows consumers to buy from multiple city traders in one transaction, offering retailers another revenue stream. 

She says Kennedy Parker loafers are a product on the marketplace to keep an eye on. 

“In summer, you just cannot go wrong with them,” she says. 

“Whether it is a more structured style you can dress up a little bit, or something soft and comfy … for nights at the beach, a good leather slip-on shoe is easy and chic.” 

Ms Power hopes byADL.com.au brings her more brand awareness so the stylish man can find an investment to last them years. 

byADL.com.au will connect customers with the huge amount of choice the city has to offer,” she says. 

“It helps retailers who don’t have an e-commerce option currently.” 

To view Kennedy Parker’s store on byADL.com.au, click here.