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    This Sucks™

    Lightly Sparkling 500ml x 20

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    ORDER ANY 3 CARTONS TO GET FREE SHIPPING WITHIN ADELAIDE This water sucks 7kg of CO2 out of the atmosphere! We’re super carbon negative, sucking 7kg of CO2 for every 500ml bottle sold. That’s around 18% of the CO2 emissions of the average Australian in one day! How does that happen? For every 500ml bottle sold, we purchase 7.16kg of carbon offsets. Enough to neutralise the roughly 160g carbon footprint of producing and distributing the bottle of water, with 7kg extra for good measure. Bottled for This Sucks™ by the multi-award winning Beloka Water, sourced from the unspoilt Kosciuszko National Park where it is filtered through 500 million year old geological strata. 100% Australian. Bottled using recycled glass. Shipping rates for metropolitan regions only at this stage. Please contact us for a shipping quote if you're not in a metro region.
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